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Our Mission

At EyeglassWeb.com our mission is simple and straight forward. It is our goal to promote the acceptance and understanding of the value of owning multiple pairs of eyeglasses. It's funny, in today's world, a businessman wears a different necktie every day of the week, a useless article of clothing. Would this same businessman show up to work with a different pair of eyeglasses everyday, a tool designed to help him see the world more clearly and work more productively, people would think he was strange. The same holds true for women and jewelry, where having and wearing different earrings are the norm, but being seen in different eyeglasses would be considered strange.  It is our goal to change this ideology, and help people understand the value of having a backup pair of glasses, and even glasses in different looks and styles to offer added comfort as well as style.


We at EyeglassWeb.com have experience in every aspect of our business. We come from the retail optical background, the wholesale spectacle lens industry, the wholesale frame manufacturing and distribution industry, as well as the e-commerce industry. Putting together all this expertise has helped us offer the best selection, highest quality product, and most competitive price in the online prescription eyeglass sales industry.

Our greatest level of expertise is in the eyewear fashion industry, where through our experience at our retail stores in New York City and at eyeglass manufacturers around the world, we have learned which styles of frames look best, and perform up to the highest standards possible.  We are happy to share that experience with you, our customers here at EyeglassWeb.com.  Our discount eyeglass selection offers some of the greatest styles possible at the lowest price.  We have also been able to find some top designer brand name eyeglasses which we are able to pass along to you at affordable prices.

The Future

Our experience has taught us to listen to our customers, so please contact us with any suggestions you may have to help us increase the level of service we are delivering. We are always looking to improve and to maintain our position on top. Our goal is to expand our site and product offerings as our customers needs change and develop, and we look forward to serving your optical needs for many years to come.


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